Freelance front-end developers

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Freelance front-end developers

At the Voorhoede, we build apps, websites and other user interfaces using web technology (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). Providing a stellar user experience is
our first priority.

We are champions of performance, accessibility, progressive enhancement and progressive web apps. We strive to get new technology running in production as soon as possible — all the while making sure it works on all devices and in every browser. We take a modular approach to development, be it in a ‘living style guide’, or directly in an existing code base. We make sure our code scales, is robust,
maintainable and transferable.

Not an easy task and sometimes we are not able to get all the work done with our own team. That’s why we are looking for experienced freelance front-end developers who can help us deliver this kind of quality.


Your profile

  • Love for the web
  • Specialised in JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Familiar with principles of progressive enhancement, accessibility, responsive design, progressive web apps, http protocol
  • Able to work with (Chrome) devtools and basic knowledge of networking/asset hosting
  • Experienced with front-end libraries and MV* frameworks, like React or Riot
  • You enjoy starting new projects and try out new technologies
  •  You can work as part of a team but are perfectly fine with organising your own work
  • Prefer to work with Scrum or other Agile methods
  • You enjoy discussing ideas, problems, tips & tricks with your colleagues
  • You are experienced with tools such as CSS pre-processors, NodeJS, version management (Git), test and build scripts would be an asset

We offer

  • Challenging projects based on a unified workflow to guarantee continuity.
  • A team of like-minded professionals to discuss your technical challenges with.
  • You can add the project to your portfolio
  • If we have a good cooperation you can add us as a reference
  • You might even want to join our Code Classes and Code Talks (Voorhoede Fridays) once in a while.

Get in touch

We would like to get to know you, the way you work and the projects you worked on. To get a good first impression we would like to ask you to fill out a few questions in the following step.